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Group Sessions

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Discover the Power of Nutrition with Natasha Alonzi

I am a passionate nutritional therapist dedicated to enlightening minds and improving performance and wellness through the lens of food, nutrition, and mental health. With a wealth of experience, I have successfully educated thousands of pupils, empowered sports clubs, and inspired corporate and public professionals on the vital connection between mood and food.

My Engaging Talks:

1. Educational Impact: I have a proven track record of engaging and educating thousands of students on the significance of healthy eating and its impact on overall well-being.

2. Sports Excellence: Elevate your team's performance! I collaborate with sports clubs and gyms, sharing insights on the right foods to fuel athletes, ensuring they reach their full potential and finding balance at the same time.

3. Work Wellness: I deliver talks focusing on the interplay between mood and food, balanced eating, energy, and clearing confusions on nutrition, providing practical insights for a healthier and more productive workforce.

Book Me for Your Group Talks:


If you're interested in hosting a dynamic and informative session for your group, I am ready to tailor my expertise to your needs. Connect with me today using the contact box below for more information on group sessions.

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