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Maximise Energy, Kick the Sugar Habit

Does your energy crash in the afternoon? Can your mood be up and down like your blood sugar? Do you crave sugar? In today's world it is not so easy to avoid sugar, it can be in everything and also there is always something tempting you to eat it!

One of the first changes I made to my diet back in 2012 was reducing sugar. I was quite strict about it—I cut out everything with sugar, including bananas, figs, and dried fruit. I had a serious sweet tooth; dessert was always my priority, and I loved adding sugar to my cereal. Although I wasn't a big chocolate bar fan, toast and Nutella after the gym was a favorite of mine.

So, how did I feel after cutting out sugar? Initially, it was tough. I experienced night sweats, headaches, flu-like symptoms, and fatigue. But as my body adjusted, I began to feel fantastic. I had energy levels I hadn't experienced in years, clearer skin, less pain, and better sleep.

Around this time, I started learning about nutrition at college, focusing on low-sugar eating. One assignment required us to follow a specific diet for two weeks and write about our experience. I was fortunate to be given the low Glycaemic Load diet, which aligned closely with how I was already eating. This approach has remained a cornerstone of my diet, with very few exclusions.

These days, I do enjoy bananas, figs, and dried fruit. I've never returned to Nutella and toast, preferring savory options like oatcakes and cheese. If I opt for something sweet, it's often oatcakes with nut butter and banana. While I still enjoy dessert occasionally, it's no longer my first choice. I handle sugar much better now because I don't overconsume it.

I've written an e-book on managing sugar intake and eating carbs for optimal energy, sustained appetite, and balanced mood.

Please download and take a read—it's packed with tips I've discovered and learned over the years, plus recipes for salads and vegetable dressings. Why salad dressings? Vinegar and lemon juice can help with managing carbohydrates in the body and fat can slow down the release of the carbohydrate. Adding these to your food can help you manage sugars better.

Free e-book image saying carbs in focus
E-book Kick the Sugar Habit

Have you ever tried to give up sugar? Would you go cold turkey like I did or take a more gradual approach? Click on the link on the homepage to download:


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